About us


Our Main Goal Is

Know our services, company culture, the team members.

SaiPutra specializes in hosting of your web sites. These facilities are classified as Basic, Advanced, Professional & Enterprise to satisfy the hosting needs of different kinds of users. We take pride in stating that SaiPutra can be helpful in the design, development, hosting, maintenance and support of our client’s web sites as well in a nutshell.



Development Life Cycle

SaiPutra follows the Software Development Life Cycle process using the 40-20-40 rule. We involve the client at all the required phases in the project to make sure the project goals are always in sync with the needs of the client. At the end of every phase of development, a list of deliverables are provided to the client. This way SaiPutra gives its client the advantage of checking their comfort level in the project at the end of each phase of the SDLC.


Outstanding Support

Since communication is a key aspect in any project, please find below a simple communication policy that will help us improve the quality of our services.

Client’s all high priority emails to support team must be responded within 2 hours and regular support mails within 5 hours. All other emails from clients must be replied to within 24 hours.


We make it happen !

Some clients come to us and say ‘I have an idea. I would like you to build a website to implement it..’

We take full responsibility of converting your ideas into reality in the form of the online website that they have in mind. We do this with passion, as we know that if your site does well, we can be proud of being a part of the team that made it happen.


Imagine A New

Know our services, company culture, the team members.

With the advent of Semantic Web 3.0, many tools have evolved which are slowly becoming must-have tools in any website. These in conjunction with mobile devices have made the internet and mobile devices a key business-enabling platform. With Apple and Google fighting to capture the mobile market, the need for existing websites to have a mobile application is growing.

Interactive Site Add-ons. More than a dozen professional-grade, customizable web tools. Maximize your budget by taking advantage of our low-cost subscription services. Free upgrades, nothing to download, install, or maintain. Everything is hosted on our servers


Why Choose Us?

Web Designs at SaiPutra to meet every need and every budget no matter how big the need or how small the budget.

Exclusive Design

Whenever you have a web design need, our team will focus on creating templates that match your expectations and then design your site once you approve a design that you like.

Bug Free Code

We believe in the fact that following proper standards will result in web sites, which have better speed as well as manageability when compared to sites developed otherwise.

Easy To Customize

Open source tools have made it easy to build and launch a website in a much shorter period of time at a lower cost.

Digital Marketing

SaiPutra Ads is the advertising engine which is now running over one million impressions each day and has been tested to scale easily up to 10 million impressions a day.